Green for…Go!

Let’s kind of start at the beginning, for a long while I was making and creating for my own small business – home furnishings and embellishments with a vintage slanting along the way I got sidetracked by the glitz and glamour of buying and selling vintage furniture, it should have been fabulous but bad decisions and awkward relationships meant it kind of all fell by the wayside. I picked myself up, went back to the handmade stuff and relaunched myself as HappenStance…and then I lost my mojo. I felt as though I was faking it, wasn’t original enough or good enough. Where once I was making steady sales and had a following and a vision, now I was second guessing myself and couldn’t justify spending time and money on making things that were sitting around getting dusty.

And then in a happenstance moment, I was offered a temporary job at the local Infant School (now please bear in mind, that when I left teaching a few years before I swore I would never enter the classroom again!) I begun working in a Reception classroom as a Teaching Assistant…then came my 1:1 role with 2 amazing Autistic pupils…and well now I’m a HLTA…surprisingly I’m loving it and have recently completed a Return to Teaching course focussing on working in Primary. There’s a whole other reason why I’m not yet back as a teacher, but we will get there.

So my creativity had been shunted to the sidelines. I no longer looked at the piles of fabric and itched to make something, many crochet projects have begun and still sit half finished, and no matter how many crafty magazines I read could kickstart my enthusiasm. But I need something to keep me sane, something to stop me worrying about everything and anything…and I found it in my love of green!


Gardening and plants have become my new go-to “crafty” activity. Now I’m not some gardening guru, my motto is if it can be grown in a pot then I’m your girl, I can’t be doing with organising beds and weeding. It begun slowly last summer with random pots we had lying around and a few cheap plants from B&Q, and for a while little vignettes in my garden looked quite stunning. Once the winter hit I’m afraid I hibernated and left the pots to wilt and shrivel in the cold, and yet as the sun started to warm up life begun to spring from my pots. I got all motivated again, bought myself a little potting table and some small trugs to give veggie growing a go, and spent some time actually thinking about what I was planting. And do you know what? I’ve had a fairly successful time, I’ve grown carrots, spring onions, runner beans and peas. I’m still cultivating some very hot chillis! And I still have flowers blooming away.

After such a positive feeling from being in the garden, I had to jump on the indoor plant bandwagon, it’s fair to say I enjoy a bit of Instagram lusting and having discovered Perrywood Garden Centre…well, what can I say? Green is definitely the new accent colour in our home scheme, and they look so lush and vibrant dotted around the place that they instantly boost my mood.

I’m rather partial to stroking Max the Monstera’s leaves and obviously you have to say “hello” to Aloe, can’t say that I know what I’m buying it is very much based on looks and names, hence the purchase of our happy bean plant. I could have become the mad cat lady, I mean we have 3 of those, but for now I will happily be the mad plant lady. Come and join me and go for green!